Pavo cristatus

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Pittsburgh, PA

The peacock is a symbol traditionally found in the Orthodox Church, representative of resurrection and eternal life. It’s not a symbol I see frequently, though. The peacock is rare and beautiful, both out in the world and inside the church.

I visited the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church (in the north of Pittsburgh) with my family, for a baptism. Though it wasn’t my first visit, I hadn’t noticed this seal inside the main church doors, before.

Thinking about the peacock that day also helped me realize the connection between the themes of resurrection and baptism. A synonym for resurrection is revival, and when a person is baptized, she is renamed. She is revived.

On this sincerely pure, joyous day, the seal was a striking, beautiful reminder of the promises faith holds.


2 thoughts on “Pavo cristatus

  1. Adoni

    Very interesting never noticed that either. I have an incredible Peacock story if I haven’t already told you. I think it relates to all that you wrote. Bravo!


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